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What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual Aid is an act of solidarity between individuals that builds better sustainable networks of care as opposed to the institutions and systems currently available to us. The act of Mutual Aid has been practiced between communities since our existence - providing for one another in a way that ensures everyone in the community is cared for whether that's through the sharing of food, clothing, shelter or monetary resources; it works cooperatively to meet the needs of everyone in the community and beyond.

No one is exempt from experiencing the consequences of living in a capitalist society so with that, Mutual Aid is for everyone. However, it is important to recognize the disparities faced by racialized and marginalized people, and that members of oppressed groups require more care as a result of systemic inequalities. Understanding the needs of marginalized groups goes beyond social media. It's up to you to put in the effort of connecting with individuals and grassroots groups to know how to best support. Perhaps it’s money you can donate or time you can volunteer. All contributions are equal and valid when responding to the various needs of different demographics.

MUTUAL AID IS NOT CHARITY. Charity creates a one-way relationship between an organization giving to someone without reciprocal giving or work. In mutual aid, everyone works together to achieve a common goal. Mutual aid organizing is volunteer-run, transparent, and driven by the needs articulated by community members.


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